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Fall 2017 Admissions
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Deadline to apply: Wednesday, March 01, 2017
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From this site you can:
  • Complete and submit your application form electronically.
  • Pay the admission fee.
  • Receive immediate confirmation that your application has been received.
  • View your submitted application.

When making your first and second choice, you may:
  • Choose two different programs at the same college.
  • Choose a different program at each college.
  • Choose the same program at two different colleges (Not recommended).
Before applying be sure to visit the college websites. Be sure to find out:
  • What programs are available?
  • Do I have the prerequisites?
  • Which documents do I mail in once I apply?
  • I completed high school outside the province of Quebec, what important information do I need to know?

For specific admissions requirements and program information, visit our webpages:
To apply, select the college of first choice:
Champlain St Lambert
If technical problems prevent you from successfully submitting your application form, please return to this page and report them  HERE